DCENTRAL: First-ever Web3 Shibuya Conference

Event Details

  • Agenda
  • Event Dates: September 19 – 20, 2023
  • Location: Shibuya Stream Hall, Tokyo
  • Early Bird Tickets: $99 (Available till July 31)
  • General Admission: $149 (From August 1)
  • For the latest updates, visit: DCENTRAL Official Website

If there was ever a crypto and Web3 extravaganza to absolutely blow your mind, it’s gotta be DCENTRAL. With their debut in Shibuya, they’re about to drop some of the most insane Web3 action we have seen! And as if that’s not good enough, it all happens right before the big Tokyo Gameshow.

DCENTRAL, a paragon in the Web3 assembly line, is expanding its horizons with its debut conference in Asia – DCENTRAL Tokyo. This groundbreaking event is scheduled for September 19-20 at the renowned Shibuya Stream Hall in Tokyo, Japan. As Web3’s popularity skyrockets in Japan, DCENTRAL is expected to magnetize a plethora of blockchain enthusiasts, trendsetters, and industry giants.

Luminaries & A Dynamic Roster

DCENTRAL Tokyo isn’t pulling any punches. With a list that boasts prominent Japanese brands and international Web3 oracles, this event is turning up the heat. The star-studded lineup is under wraps for now, but you can keep a pulse on the updates at: DCENTRAL Tokyo Speakers.

A Tapestry of Blockchain Brilliance

DCENTRAL isn’t just about speeches and panels. This Japanese edition promises a symphony of seminars, networking galore, and insightful discussions. With Shibuya District as the backdrop, the conference will delve deep into the realms of NFTs, the Metaverse, and the broader Web3 sphere.

Elevating Standards & Garnering Momentum

With a legacy of mammoth events in the US, DCENTRAL is on a quest to redefine benchmarks. Its collaborations, especially with Web3BB Tokyo, a leading Web3 community in Japan, underscore the palpable enthusiasm and commitment to the evolution of the crypto realm.

Envisioning Web3’s Potential in Japan

Amidst Japan’s significant shifts in the crypto sector, DCENTRAL Tokyo seeks to catalyze conversations and facilitate the flow of ideas. “Our events have always been more than just conferences; they’re about fostering the Web3 ecosystem. As we mark our first foray into Asia, we aim to echo this sentiment, nurturing growth and collaboration,” remarks Justin Wu, the visionary CEO of DCENTRAL.

DCENTRAL Tokyo: A Beacon for the Future

With its meticulous planning, an array of speakers, and a wide spectrum of events, DCENTRAL Tokyo is poised to be a seminal chapter in the annals of Web3 and blockchain chronicles.

For Media Inquiries

Renowned as a behemoth in the Web3 domain, DCENTRAL is the globe’s eminent community-centric multi-chain crypto and Web3 event orchestrator. With its roots in DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, Metaverses, and DAOs, the entity has been a lodestar, leading the way for crypto aficionados, industry titans, and trailblazers to converge, ideate, and usher in a brighter, decentralized tomorrow.