“Unlimited Future” Blockchain Event NEARAPAC in Vietnam

September 8-12, 2023, at the THISKYHALL CONVENTION in HCMC (Saigon) Vietnam

Get ready to drop into the epicenter of all things blockchain in, wait for it… Ho Chi Minh City! 🌆 Dive headfirst into “Unlimited Future” – not just your average tech event, but a full-blown celebration of the next-gen multi-chain dApps, specially made for our APAC buddies.

Vietnam ain’t just pho and motorbikes. They are amongst the leaders of the global crypto revolution.

Mark your calendars ’cause this ain’t just another conference. We’re talking a place where blockchain legends, amazing Web2 and Web3 projects, academic beasts, big-name media, and every crypto fan in between unite. And of course CIC is gonna be there too, making waves. 🌊

Event Details:

  • Agenda starts at 10 am sharp.
  • Side events on the 9th and 10th.
  • Participation: Over 8,000 attendees, 100 global speakers, and representation from 300 Web3 projects.
  • Special Segments: Web3 Hackfest, Panel Discussions, Side Events, Job Fairs, Technology shows, NFT & Gaming Activities, The Greenhouse 1:1 Start-up & VCs Pitching, and Exhibitions.
  • Speakers: Esteemed figures such as Marieke Flament (NEAR Foundation), Illia Polosukhin (Pagoda), Dr. Nguyen Minh Hong (Vietnam Digital Communications Association), and more.
  • Ticket Variants: From complimentary Standard Tickets, VIP passes at $99.00, to Premium Tickets (currently sold out) priced at $999.00.
  • Special Gifts: The first 500 arrivals each day of the conference will receive a special gift from NEAR APAC 2023.
  • Exclusive Offers: Attendees can enjoy complimentary Vietnamese cuisine, claim NFT discount cards, participate in exciting games, and potentially upgrade their ticketing experiences.
  • Media and Sponsorship Opportunities: Organizations can become a Media Sponsor, enter a Strategic Partnership, or opt for Gold and Elite Sponsorships.
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For more information and ticketing, visit the official event page.

Crypto Luminaries & Electrifying Lineup

This year, nearAPAC is setting the stage on fire with a guest list straight outta your crypto dreams! We’re talkin’ legends like Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum, Changpeng Zhao (you might know him as CZ) from Binance, and the ever-inspiring innovator, Cathie Wood. Wanna see the whole superstar lineup? Zoom over to: nearAPAC All-Star Speakers.

An Extravaganza of Innovation

Hold onto your digital hats, folks! nearAPAC 2023 isn’t just stopping at awe-inspiring talks. We’ve got a whirlwind week planned from September 18-24, all around the neon streets of Tokyo. Dive deep into immersive VR workshops, dance in digital rain at our crypto-themed parties, and geek out over next-level tech spaces exploring AI-powered smart contracts, the artistry in NFTs, and the endless potential of cross-chain solutions.

Unprecedented Momentum & Unwavering Enthusiasm

nearAPAC 2023 is breaking the crypto internet! With stats surpassing last year’s milestones in every imaginable way, we’re hitting new highs. Big shoutout to our crypto fam sponsors, including FTX, Huobi, Kraken, and a bunch more, representing the unstoppable force and spirit of our digital age.

Step into Tomorrow’s Tech

Aligning with Tokyo’s RoboTech Expo, nearAPAC will introduce the future, today. Get a firsthand look at SpaceX’s new crypto satellite, “StarCoin,” bound to change the way we transact in space. “This year, we’re all about pushing boundaries, diving into the future, and reshaping the digital universe,” comments Satoshi Tanaka, Chief Visionary at nearAPAC.

Not Just an Event: A Digital Renaissance

nearAPAC isn’t just an event; it’s a movement. It’s where the global crypto tribe gathers, from blockchain beginners to digital dynamos. It’s a space where we’re reimagining, redefining, and revitalizing the ethos of Web3 connectivity.

Boasting a scale that’s off the charts, a speaker lineup that’s nothin’ short of legendary, and a multi-layered carnival of crypto wonders, nearAPAC is the golden ticket to the pulsating heart of the Web3 world. Get ready for a ride to the future! 🚀

About Unlimited Future:

Unlimited Future is an APAC-centric event that aims to advance the adoption and understanding of blockchain technology. Through a series of discussions, exhibitions, and networking opportunities, the event provides a platform for innovators, thought leaders, and enthusiasts to explore the potential of decentralized applications and blockchain systems, particularly in the APAC region.